Frequently Asked Questions is a new project. is a new project and we are still actively adding new content here. We have so many plans and only 24 hours a day to work on it, so we decided to keep all information as simple as possible and focus on main computations.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. We will do our best to answer them and frequently update this section, so other users may benefit.

Meanwhile, enjoy results of stock2own AI models. We are really excited about this project and hope you will find it useful.

In general,

  • Go to Alerts to see most recent stock Alerts. Alert gives you a signal (Buy or Sell) and also a confidence level.
  • Go to Stocks to see detailed information about alerts for individual stocks and also to check overall picture of the stock market in terms of number of Buy/Sell alerts generated.
  • Go to Portfolios to check how our artificial agents are doing in terms of profit or loss – for each generated alert we place an order into virtual portfolio, which allows us to track performance of the AI agents.

Current models are working with S&P 500 stocks only. Yes, it means the US stock market only. Good news is S&P 500 covers approximately 72% of the US stock market.