About stock2own.com

A bit of stock2own history, what we are doing and why.

Stock2Own Mission

To save time for stock market investors by developing and providing online data analysis tools.

Stock2Own.com has started back in a summer of 2007 as a single page web site. That page grew up into Stock Analyzer, which calculates intrinsic value and presents fundamental and technical characteristics of any given stock in a very simple compact form.

There are many different intrinsic value evaluation models exist and we are adding and mixing several models to give investor a wide outlook to a possible stock value. Usually, this type of analysis requires much of manual research and routine computations. Stock2Own's goal is to automate this process and make results easy to understand.

S2O & Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever played a video game? If yes, you probably remember the very first time you tried it. In our experience it goes like this. The goal is simple – kill all the bad guys and stay alive. Level 1. Let's go! Running through the corridor, shooting and still managing to maintain 80% of the health when first corner reached. Deep breath, step outside... Oooops! Red screen and there is a big monster. Reload!

Sounds familiar? It is very much like a stock market, isn't it? The goal is simple – buy low and sell high. We got all the tools, we did research, and we invest. And every time we got losses, we want to make sure it never happen again. We do more research, we adjust our strategy and we try it again.

The difference is, unlike video games the market environment is constantly changing. So, how good you strategy is if that big fat monster is not there and there is no corridor at all and... everything has changed?

We do realize that we cannot predict future changes and market can drop like a rock overnight or skyrocket on a positive news. But more often, it takes some time for market to change direction and this is what we are counting for building artificial Intelligence agents.

We think of the AI Agents as our advisors. They have been trained to trade, they have all their trades exposed in a virtual portfolios, so it is easy to track their performance. And it is relatively easy to train them with most recent market data. We started to train them every month and now we train them every two weeks and we can do it as often as we want. Those that show good results will stay, others may be replaced with new agents.

The most exciting feature of stock2own AI project is diversity of agents. We have artificial agents of several different flavors. The simplest agents can "see" and analyze only basic information about single stock – market price, secondary indicators such as moving averages, MACD and RSI. The total number of data points is 36. However, the most advanced AI agents, as of this writing, analyze more than 350 data points and "know" not only about a particular stock, but also about industry it is in and current state of the market as a whole by analyzing S&P 500 index and fear index VIX as well.

As you can see, this is new and exciting project based on stock2own data. We have many plans and will introduce new agents with advanced abilities. We process market data daily. We will also back test new ideas, new agents and new portfolios. And we will share the results with you.

Please, use the data provided on this web site at your own risk, there is no guarantee of any kind.

Have fun and enjoy!

ai.stock2own.com is a stock2own.com project.