It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

Why AI?

Is it still a bull or a bear market?
Do you have different strategies for different market conditions?
Do you constantly learn?

AI constantly adjusts

AI Agents are constantly trained and adjust their own strategies for fast changing market conditions.


We have hundreds of AI Agents working for you.

Some of them are focused on a long term indicators, others trained to sense short term price swings.
Some of them work with individual stock prices while others have broader view and analyse price moves for indices and sectors as well.

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S2O: Stock Market Alerts generated by AI Agents

Stock Market AI Agents Buy/Sell Alerts

Every day after market closed stock2own feeds data about S&P 500 stocks to the S2O Artificial Intelligence Agents. They produce alerts in a form of Buy or Sell signals. Each Alert is associated with a confidence level and only when confidence is greater than 80% stock2own places an order in a virtual portfolio.

Recent Alerts

Buy/Sell Alerts Virtual Portfolios

All alerts, generated by AI Agents, are aggregated and when the overall confidence level is above certain threshold (usually 80%), stock2own automatically places an order in a virtual portfolio. There are certain rules applied to place an order and to protect open positions. Each executed trade can be monitored and portfolio's Rate of Return is a sum of trades Rates of Return.

Virtual Portfolios
S2O: Stock Alerts produce trades that are placed into virtual portfolios
S2O: Detailed Stock Market Alert info for individual stock

Buy/Sell Alerts Stock Info

The simplest way to answer the question "How the stock market is doing?" is to check out "heat map" of the generated alerts for all S&P 500 stocks. It is easy to distinguish between strong buy and sell alerts, and also easy to spot stocks with higher uncertainty.

All the current and historical alerts for a single stock, confidence level histogram and detailed description of the transaction stock2own may place in a virtual portfolio, including trigger and stop-loss prices - right on your fingertips.

Stock Heat Map